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Microblading Black Marker Thread for eyebrow measurement - 3-pack

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Black Microblading marker thread to delineate, mark and measure the eyebrows. This mapping chain is optimal for semi-permanent brow makeup and PMU applications. It comes with its built-in ink. It is a highly impregnated ultra fine yarn.

It is sold in a pack of 3 units, each unit contains 10 meters of yarn, which is equivalent to 12-15 customers. The advantage of this product is:

  • Significantly reduces brow measurement time.
  • Provide the exact and precise lines you need for your symmetrical brow design.

Many eyebrow artists use it for the simplicity and cleanliness of use. It is surely going to become a staple of your brow mapping process because:

  • Easily transfer the color of the thread to the skin.
  • It looks really cool on Instagram photos and demos.
  • It is easy to clean with an alcohol wipe or brow shampoo.