¿Cuál es la mejor aguja para Microblading?

What is the best needle for Microblading?

If you are firmly determined to achieveexcellence in your eyebrow creations, you have to make a good choice of needle. ThenWe give you the keys on how to choose well.

But first a brief explanation ofwhat is a needle or blade for microblading, it is actually a bunch of fine needles closely placed to create a kind of leaf. There are single row sheets and double row sheets with different number of pins. The needles can be hard or flexible. The needles fixed to the blade can follow different shapes: U shape the most used, F Curved Flexible needles, Inclined shape. The needles range from 7 to 28 pins. The higher the number, the thicker, the thinner the needles, the sharper they are and vice versa. Each one has its own advantage, so let's get down to business:e:


Blades U-shaped needles UIdeal for drawing curved hair, they make it easy to work in both directions. Experienced microblading artists have them among their favorites. 

Needle F7with 7 pins: Perfect for short and thin hair, in the opinion of many artists it is ideal for fine eyebrows and working in detail, getting short lines between hair and hair connecting hairs. This needle is widely used for initiation by artists who are starting with the microblading technique.g. 


Needle F12: Essential, a basic, it is possible that it is the most used blade and considered as a standard, it achieves medium hair in terms of length and thickness. It is a needle that seeks the balance between pigment fixation and a realistic result. It is a good needle for beginning artists.

Needle F14: Chosen to create thicker, broader, thicker brows. Recommended by many artists to draw long hairs of the eyebrow in medium thickness.


Double line: We will create shading between the strokes, in various thicknesses to choose from: 7, 9, 13 and 15 pin. Designed to thicken the eyebrow. Ideal to give density in the chosen areas


Flat Shading: These leaves are especially useful for shading the "tail" of the eyebrow. Also when your creation needs a straighter style eyebrow. These needles are available in a 12-pin or 14-pin thickness.



Round pin for shading:Provides depth and detail to the brow, designed to add shadow. It will achieve a 3-D and natural effect, improving the look. 3, 5, 9, 17, 19 and 21 pin thicknesses.


Nano Blades: These Nano Blades needles are super thin 0.16mm or 0.18mm, they are used in standard microblading. These needles are good for much finer hair than normal blades allow, giving you the desired freedom of creation and a perfect brow. The best artists use them to refine the eyebrow and create the look of finer or shorter hairs depending on the chosen PIN 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 18 pins, in FQ or in U.U). 


Teboris:The range available is endless to suit your individual artistic needs and styles. Hard Tebori for the most defined lines, Tebori Flexi-Blade for easy lines. For support there are pre-set tools such as the pen holder. The needles must be disposable and arrive in special sterilized containers. What gives the certainty and guarantee of respecting the hygienic standards. Being disposable prevents cross contamination. The teboris must be sterilized in an autoclave. Another magnificent option is provided by the disposable Teboris with all the hygienic guarantees.



Quality tests

Essential for a good Microblading result to havehigh quality leaf. To check the quality of the tool, we visually check and press on the side to observe that the needles do not move, even in the case of flexible blade, the needles should not move too much. For greater assurance, we can do a quick test on artificial leather and observe that we can create a smooth, clear movement and that the needles do not move.


The Master in Microblading comes from tireless practice

In this there are no shortcuts, the practice time will give you the experience and you will develop your own microblading technique until it is unique. It will be then when you will find the sheets that work best and which ones you have to discard.

You have to feel sure that the tools are going to give you the highest quality, that they are adapted to you, your client and your art of creation.

We have tested thousands of products for years, developing and evolving products to have today the best selection, of the highest quality and suitability, based on our years of experience and that we put at your service.We listen to youMany of you have asked us for a reliable supply place, at your request we launched the storeAlibrows shop, do not hesitate to visit it.

It is important to consider thetype of skin of each client, its thickness and sensitivity. We will leave this part for another post.

And you. What do you think about the choice of blades? Which are your favorites? We have enabled the possibility that you can write comments. We are very happy that you share your opinion with us.ras.


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