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Double Microblading Tebori - U18 and R3 - Pack 5 or 10 units - Disposable

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East Tebori Alibrows double ended It is perfect for creating hair-to-hair brows and shading.

It is sold in a pack of 5 or 10 units.

The 0.15mm U18 blade end to create hairs crisp and clean, It consists of thin and simple needles arranged closely to each other, in a way that creates a U-shaped row. Due to its shape, this blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs, it is the best choice for microblading artists due to the effect that creates.

The 3 Pin Round Blade End for shading provides depth and detail to the brow, designed to add shadow. It will achieve a very natural 3-D effect, improving the look. 3 pin thicknesses.

Tebori 100% disposable for single use, individually packaged in sterile packaging.

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